Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Flaunt! Sometimes I sew other things!

This is cause I can't show you what I'm working on! I'd love too! But I can't, so I won't.

Just before Christmas my daughter and her family went to Queensland for a week. I made baby Granddaughter a new dress (from the stash! I couldn't help myself. The colours were just perfect for her). I even drafted the pattern myself. That's a first.

This is it! 

And here is the inside!

I learnt a lot making this little dress - I've decided (again) that armholes on sleeveless dresses are a real pain!  They worked though!

And here she is wearing it!  They were at Hervey Bay and it was very very hot and sticky!  She is just cooling her underwings!

  A little later the hot got too much and Ice Cream was in order (after a swim!)

Here are two of my grandbabies!  The model from above and her big brother.  Guess who is boss?



Daphne said...

That is just so cute, Sally, and what a sweet little model! I'm wondering whether I'll be making little girls' dresses or will it be.....what do I make for boys? Have to admit I didn't sew much for my own son but made a lot of dresses for my daughter.

cinzia said...

Didn't it turn out beautifully and the colour suits her too.

PS you have to love my verification word today 'bless' so appropriate for a sweetie too

Linda Robertus said...

What a lovely dress, well done!

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