Saturday, January 09, 2010

More Feathers - Feathers and Ferns

This is the start of my new quilt. This might be the way I journal this year.  I'm still trying to work that one out.  I love the challenge but I need a focus.  Last year was a group journal challenge.  This year I will need to be a lot more self motivated.  I will be doing the quilt swap, which is this years challenge but I really want to keep my exploration and experimentation moving!

This is a start!

I had a day at home alone and I just started to create!  I seem to be exploring feathers at the moment - I did say my word for 2010 was Experiment! So I'm experimenting with feathers.

This is a close up.  Once again I've used a monoprint that I made a few months ago and I've given it two boarders and then I used my 3 feather linos on it using gold and silver paint.

I forgot to take a photo of the monoprint before I printed over it!  If you look closely you can see the fern fronds I used as a mask.

I then had a lot of fun with my beautiful Bernina.  She sewed up a storm!  She is such a clever girl, she has learnt how to sew with two threads in the single eye of the needle.  I do have some double eyed needles but I haven't worked out how to use them yet.  Give me time and I will learn.

Here is the finished product!  I finished sewing it at 5pm this afternoon.  It has been heavily quilted and hand painted.
The feathers float!

Feathers and Ferns

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Lindi said...

Awesome, Sally! You should be extremely pleased with the results. Are you exhibiting this one somewhere? You should! :)

cinzia said...

What a transformation! Your quilting adds so much to the finished product. Thanks for including the before quilting photo as well.

With the white feathers I assume you heavily quilted in white over your fabric. Is this right and what stitch do you generally use?

I am really enjoying seeing your work. Having watched as you have progressed makes it all look achievable, as opposed to simply seeing someone who is already there.

mazaquilt said...

The feathers look wonderful. Love the background fabric.Marilyn [QDU] Qld.

Wandawitch said...

Just stunning! You are so clever. Your work is beautiful. I had a lovely time this morning with my coffee reading and checking out you step by step pictures and watching the progression.

Anonymous said...

Lovely result and helpful commentary. The painting and quilting take a good monoprint the extra mile to perfection. Inspiring!

Robbie said...

Well, you know I just love this piece! Feathers..nature....wonderful piece!

Mary-anne said...


sandra wyman said...

Really enjoyed your blog Sally - loved the feathers.

Paxton said...

I feel honoured to know Sally, the person, behind these stunning pieces of art work. You sure are an inspiration to others - especially me! Love your work, admire your talent and am speechless by your level of energy! You are absolutely one Heck of a Gal, Sal! Luvya

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