Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Weekend (lost in the "drafts box" since Monday!)

I don't believe I forgot to post this!!!!!!!

I have had the best weekend!

I spent Saturday and Sunday at a workshop with Lisa Walton organised by Stitching and Beyond!  We did Crystallisations!  How liberating is that technique!  If you get the chance you really should "do" Lisa's workshop!

Lots of colour theory to start with!  It made so much more sense that just reading about it. (Now I really have to buy myself a colour wheel).  That was followed by lots of feeling, sorting, playing and even some throwing of fabric!  Then the fun began - the rotary cutter, the cutting board and the sewing machine joined in the game!

The colours were just amazing!  Some of the fabrics were almost yummy enough to eat.  We had an overdose of colour and texture!

We occasionally remembered to eat and drink, but most of us need prompting, we were so engrossed in what were doing.

Thanks Ros for organising the workshop and thanks heaps, Lisa, for another amazing learning experience.

There were no paper bags involved in this post at all - just one very happy quilter!


1 comment:

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks Sally - I had a great time too. One of my favourite workshops to teach.

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