Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mt Wellington again!

Are you sick of this yet?

I really do love where I live and I love sharing, but please don't tell anyone how good it is!

Who would live in any other place!  These are 3 photos I took two nights ago. 

The first is sunset with bush fire smoke!  We have a few big fires burning north west of Hobart and the smoke is drifting across the mountain!  It glowed for about an hour but I've only posted one of the squillions of photos I took!

Second photo - Cruise ship leaving port - Battery Point in the background.  Not a bad view from the front deck.  About 30mmins later another cruise ship came in!  The docks are cruise ship free tonight but I wouldn't be suprised if another one is in when I get up in the morning.

Photo 3 - panorama - I just love the light!


PS - I looked out over the river (11.15pm) and there is another cruise ship sitting at the dock!  That one might just be in for 24 hours!


Lindi said...

I love Tassie. My son and his fiance are considering moving there, and one day, we just might follow. I never tire of your views. :)

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

i love the panorama. so cool!

must be weird to watch those cruise ships - think of all the people/lives crammed into there, where they are going, what they are hoping for. you could come up with enough stories to keep you busy for 50 years!

can't wait to see your puzzle quilt reveal

Dee Soden said...

love your mountain photos.

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