Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why do we blog?

I just read a post on a blog I follow ( Textile Seahorse)  and it really made me think.

Why do I blog?

To be honest - I have no idea!

Is it because I need approval for the work I do?

Is it because I want to share?

Is it because I'm an extrovert? (gee - I thought I was shy)

I really think it is because I want other quilters (with more experience than me) to offer me a critique if they want to, so I can learn. They can't do that if I don't put my stuff out there.

I find so many amazing blogs because people drop in and have a look at what I do!

So, I guess I blog to learn!  And it is working!  I have travelled a long way in the last year or so!



Lindi said...

Good reasons, Sally.
I started blogging because it seemed fun and was a way to communicate with people in blogland. Now, I do it because I feel such a part of that community and I've made some very wonderful and real friends out there. We may never physically meet, but we are sharing our lives, our creativity, and our national identity, as well as learning from each other and supporting each other in all areas of our lives.

Robbie said...

I started blogging just because I have friends and family all over the US...hence, I got tired of writing the 'same' email to those same folks..this way, if they 'really' want to see what' going on in my life they can do it on their own time. If they don't care what I'm doing, they just don't go to my blog. I've had good feedback from my family and friends so I guess my 'blog' is working! I think the plus side is getting feedback from other artists that happen upon my blog. That is nice to get feedback and critique's then you can go to that person's blog...just like a big snowball!

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