Thursday, March 04, 2010

Friday Flaunt on Thursday??????

I can't show you the quilt I'm on! 

Not because it "has to be somewhere" but because it has a dimentional problem! It twisted! It  needs a rethink! I will sort it out but not now!  I really like what I have done so far but!!?

Tonight I found this quilt! I take photos of everything! Gee!  

I gave it to GD2 for Christmas 2008.  I had forgotten to take photos!

It is all about pockets.  There are so many places to hide stuff!  I think her mobile phone has a home in here somewhere.  

This is my attempt at a Jeans quilt! Lots of jeans and a little contrast fabric.  I made it from our (Sweet pea (DH) and my) old jeans and some that I found in Op Shops! The "other" was red and purple from the stash.

Georgia might be nearly 14 but I just coudn't resist this little pair of jeans!  Hi Five was just a must!



Lindi said...

What a great jeans quilt! Best one I've ever seen. :) Love the additional colours you have used with it. They sure add the zing.

cinzia said...

Didn't it turn out well and those bits of red and purple add a real zing.

Fran C said...

Fantastic quilt colorful your GD2 must love it.

Dorothy in Walla said...

This is so modern! It turned out wonderfully - love the improvisation

Kelly said...

LOVE it, Sally! I've been saving jeans from the GKs hoping someday to make a quilt for with all the memories of those precious little ones and their jeans. Just not a "traditional" quilter anymore so it has gone dormant. However, this idea gives me some ideas of possibilities! Thanks and GREAT WORK!!! What a lucky GD!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

ooooh, i love this quilt, and the hints of red!

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