Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watching :: Not a lot! Too busy quilting and packing the house up ready to move!

Reading :: 2 or 3 paragraphs over and over again because my eyes keep shutting

Making :: My quilt for the SCQuilters Retreat and my KISS quilt

Eating :: Humm - we had Herb crusted lamb back strap for dinner! Oops - just remembered the strawberries in the fridge for dessert! Too late now!

Feeling :: very tired but excited about moving into a smaller home. Down size - the sewing room will be about a quarter of what I have now! eeeekkkkk!

Thinking :: How do I down size

Hoping :: I'll fit!

Wondering :: Will I get sorted to move? Will We fit into the new place?

Hearing :: I wish it was the dishwasher saving me effort.(note to me - go load the dishwasher and it will save me effort!).

Liking :: Sweetpea and me home alone for the first time in the 16 years we have been together. That's why we are moving! The downsize for the second time. The first time child with grandbabies came home and we had to up size again!

Wanting :: just a bit more time - maybe another 2 hours in the day or better a secret extra day all to myself that would neatly and invisibly


Penny said...

My last comment went heaven knows where, Hope all goes well with the moving.

Banaghaisge said...

When where are you moving? I must have missed this! Went looking back through your blog to pick up hints but I can't find any! Best of luck with it - and tough to leave that amazin view of Hobart Harbour.
BTW, We arent coming to Tas now, can't fit it all in...
Hugs, Jas

Chris said...

Good luck with the move, Sally, and esp fittng out a new working space - got to get your priorities right! I didn't pick up on this looming move either! Shall look forward to hearing all about your new address. Cx

Paxton said...

Saddle, when you locate the secret extra day - I will pay you for the whereabouts thereof. Promise I will not tell!

If you need a hand at moving - you do know that you can press my button, OK!!? You're not alone! Paxton says to tell you: Woof x x x

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