Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Flaunt a bit early again!

The flaunt I said I wasn't going to do because we are moving house!  I have a few mins so I thought I would!

This is the best Indian Summer I can remember in Hobart!

The weather is so mild! 10.15pm and I have all the windows open and no sleeves on!

The very dodgy photo is the view I can see from my sewing room tonight. I think it might be the last cruise ship for the season.

This could the be the last photo I take from here - my view from my new sewing room will be the garden I'm moving too! That is where my dyeing room will be - in the garden under the trees!

Can I count this as a flaunt? Nah - maybe I shouldn't.

I don't think I can count this one either.  But it is really pretty - I took this at about 6.30pm tonight!

I think I should put a quilty photo too.

This a photo of my challenge quilt for the SCQuilters retreat at Bathurst this year.  We have to make a quilt out of old flannelette shirts.  Well I've just about made mine and one of the shirts is seriously on the nose!  See that black, grey and white bit!  He is a smelly one!
Ah!  I'll have to wash the whole quilt before I can finish it.  I didn't notice the smell until I started to quilt it!  Bugger!

Just to show that Hobart is still a working port - not just a tourist port, this photo I took earlier this week.  That boat is really an oil rig!  She came in for a few repairs and a pit stop!

Hobart is the most amazing place to live!

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Susan Entwistle said...

If I had that view from my sewing room, I'd never get any stitching done.

aubirdwoman said...

super photos Sally.
I would love to see the quilt in full on the nose or otherwise.
Hope the move goes without a mishap.

Paxton said...

And I second your statement of Hobart being the most amazing place to live!!

Will getting a ladder up in the garden give you a view of the mountain too? OK - just a thought.

linda stokes said...

I hope you're moving to as lovely a place Sally - good luck with it.

cinzia said...

Ahha so you are ahead of me with the challenge quilt. I am thankful the holidays are before the retreat or the quilt would never be finished.
Must say I love your view. Will the new one be as spectacular?

Alison Schwabe said...

An amazing place to live - it probably is. My husband and I were born and bred up north (aLaunceston and Hadpsen/Hagley) and we still have a few rels there, and sometimes get down to Hobart. I hope you're moving from one view to another. You'll notice several other Aussies on SAQA, too but often they're quiet.

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