Saturday, June 05, 2010

Forensics Camp again

It is that season again! June school holidays means Forensic Camp to me.

Last year I got a bit of a break in June and had a week off work!  The payback was we had 2 in September!  They were the Introductory camps for kids from year 7 and 8. This year there are two again.  The first was last week at Scotch Oakburn in Launceston!  I went north, to Launceston, for the Wednesday and Thursday of the camp.

I don't "do" mornings!  5am alarm - on the road at 6am.  Humm - 2 kilometers up the road I did a u-turn and went home again!  I thought "bugger - left my watch at home - oh well, the mobile phone will do!  Oh bugger - mobile phone is at home too!"  I left home again at 6.15am.

Oh my goodness!  I live in Hobart and here I am in Launceston!  9.45 in the morning and this is the view from the Middle School at Scotch Oakburn!  Cold but very pretty really. (please don't tell!).

This was the view when the kids arrived.  The camp started at 10am.  The Crime scene tape really does set the scene for children and parents!

This is the chromatography Lab and the hair and fibre lab!  

CSI  - our enviroment is so much better!

Lots of busy fingers!

They  learnt how to take their own prints (inked) and how to lift prints.  Some of the prints they lifted were very clear.

Lots of young hands and minds busy trying to find out who Killed the Cat!  Bite marks in a polystyrene cup and paint chips needed to be identified!

Blood splatter was part of the story, but that was upstairs - I don't "do" blood!  The kids had fun though.

If you look really closely at this photo you can see the blood on the door!

This is James in the fingerprinting lab! Please ignore the football black eye! 

Soil testing and "What is that Drug?" is behind him!

On Tuesday we have "The Big" Camp starting at Hutchins.  This one is a 5 day camp and is for year 8 and 9, gifted and talented kids. 

I am one very lucky person - I get paid to play!



Paxton said...

Way to go, Saddle!

Paxton said...

I notice I come up as a visitor from Launceston every time I visit!!????

Linda Robertus said...

So cool!

Lindi said...

Oh what fun! It's many many years since I played with blood, and I've never played with fingerprinting and all those other fun sounding things! (The blood and other gore was when I was in charge of Casualty Simulation with Newcastle State Emergency Services.

I notice you are still "losing" (i.e. misplacing/forgetting) things! LOL

maggi said...

What a great experience.

Tracy McCabe Stewart said...

I want to go to this camp! It's like a live murder mystery. I wish I'd had something like this when I was a kid.

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