Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Possum in the Car Park

This little girl possum (she really is quiet a large Brush Tail Possum) found herself up a tree in the car park at school this morning. She obviously stayed out way too late and didn't expect humans to invade her night time play space so early! She got stuck up her tree till lunch time - poor little thing!

 I don't think she was very happy about having her photo taken.



Penny said...

They used to be really common at home but we dont see - or hear - them nearly as often now.
Great picture.

aykayem said...

our possums get into the roof above the labs and the staff room ... and fall through the ceiling! (and get found sleeping in the fume hood in the lab during the first lesson of the day, or bounce off the lounge chair in the staff room and "escape" into the cupboard and P in the saucepans!) ... although after that wonderful performance, and the fact that the reason it was frightened enough to P in the saucepan was because it was cornered in the cupboard and being shoved into the possum trap with the nearest long object - led to it being taken for a nice drive (by a couple of the teachers) and let out to go for a "walk" to a large patch of gum trees down by the nearby lake ... I am now waiting how long it is before another one moves in to the vacant territory - LOL

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