Monday, May 31, 2010

Screen Printing Course

I'm doing a  Quilt University Silk Screening course with Lyric Kinard!

I'm having so much fun and learning heaps along the way.

These two are my very first attempt at using my screen - oops, when Lyric said scrub the screen hard before you use it the first time, she really meant it!  There was still sizing in the mesh!

Once I'd scrubbed the screen I started again.  I think this print is a lot better!

The shape is inspired by the bow of the gondolas in Venice.

I cut these images out of overhead projector sheet. 

I have the positive and the negative of the leaves but I had a bit of an issue with the positive of the masks.  Oh well!  I guess, if I really want to I could cut a new one!

The positive image worked OK too!

This print is were I had a little fun.

I burnt a thermofax of a photo taken of my eldest granddaughter (she was 2 at the time - she is now nearly 15!).

I pulled the first print and when I looked at the cloth over my felt pad, there she was!  The ink had gone right through!  I then pull a couple more onto that piece of cloth.  I can see this ending up as a quilt!

I just wish I had more hours in the day to do all the stuff I want to do!



Linda Robertus said...

Sally I love your prints!!! You are on a roll!
Do you burn your own thermofax screens? How, where, why???
Best wishes, Linda
PS I also love your Purple Jelly quilt top!

Esther said...

Love your prints.

Robbie said...

Your screen prints turned out great!! So much fun isn't it!!! hope you get to do somemore soon!!! It is addicting, isn't tit!

maggi said...

Lovely prints. I hadn't realised that you were in the class too.

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