Monday, May 31, 2010

Purple Jelly

On Saturday I had a PJ day!  I pulled out the purple jelly roll I bought in Bathurst, on the retreat Shop Hop and started cutting and sewing!

By 4pm yesterday I had a completed quilt top. 
I'm pleased with the result.  Very traditional, made with a pattern, using floral fabrics!!!! - so not me but I did enjoy most of the process.  I love the colours. Will I do it again ?  Probably not.

Will it ever be a finished quilt?  I do hope so.

I'd love to know what you think. 

I took the photo of it hanging on a large white board (held there with little magnets).  The pen tray at the bottom of the board has distorted the bottom of the quilt a little.  I was very suprised when I was putting the borders on that the quilt was actually very square!

Yes, I did eat and sleep.  I even went out yesterday with Sweet Pea for lunch and a walk around the marina at Lindisfarne  (I forgot the camera!  The reflections on the river were amazing!  There wasn't a breath of wind)



Tar10rat said...

That's lovely Sally - I love the extensions into the borders at the top and bottom. Cheers Robyn

Paxton said...

WOW - another stunning project coming from you, Saddle! Love what you have done with the putting together of the colours. When I concentrate hard enought, it feels like I am about to 'fall' into the square boxes the panels have created! Love your colours and, in particular, the two thin light coloured borders around the dark - really finishes it off nicely!

Lindi said...

Fabulous, Sally! It's very me! lol
Love the 3D effect. Must give some thought as to what I will do with mine.

Susan Briscoe said...

Great design - if you've got a Jelly Roll, I'm all in favour of making a patchwork that's worthwhile for the strip cut i.e. where you can see that it's made from strips!

I was teaching a Jelly Roll workshop yesterday. Some of the rolls available are not at all my taste though - can be hard tracking down ones I like (Moda Authentic, Moda Arcadia, Moda Wonderland, Fabric Freedom's batiks, Bali Batik Pops - found these are all neat designs). Fabric Freedom's batiks include some gorgeous prints in more "tribal" colours and designs. I would love some African wax prints as strip cuts - can you get Australian fabrics cut this way?

Dee Soden said...




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