Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I really do love Autumn

This photo is taken from the same place I took yesterdays photo from.  The staff room at school.

No fog this time, just yachts drifting down the river on the tide.  There isn't enough breeze to even form a ripple on the water, let alone fill a sail.

A close up!  Who would live anywhere else!

This is the view from my chemical preparation area. (I'm Senior Laboratory Technician at school).  This has to be the best view from a "kitchen sink" ever! 

Looking across the Music School and Mount Nelson to a big fluffy cloud.

Under all that fluffy cloud is Mt Wellington.



Penny said...

What a place to work! It is simply glorious here today too.

Linda Robertus said...

What a gorgeous view, Sally. We really have to visit Tasmania someday soon...

Lindi said...

Inspirational views, Sally! I love the colours in those first 2 photos.

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