Sunday, June 13, 2010


This week has been all about images! The Camp produced its fair share - and then there were the others! I went into my little, over stuffed sewing room with the idea of having a bit of a re-arrange, cause it really isn't working.  What I found were the mono prints I made last year (?).

The re-arranging idea went out the window and I started to play!

Yesterday I got to sew!

This is the start!  I added a couple of lino prints I made from the lino I bought from Dijanne Cevaal.  That would be the pomegranate.

I don't know if it will work but I'll keep going!

I really would like some feed back on this one - I'm just not too sure which direction to go in!

This is all back to front, but here is the view I saw on my way to work on Thursday (I think!).  It was cold and still sort of dark but so pretty!

Today Sweetpea (DH) and I went to Margate (about 25 kilometres south of Hobart) to do a Fun Run!  Well - we do the fun walk! (Masters only!)  Some of them are really serious - not us - we are just trying to get fit again after giving up smoking 14 (nearly) months ago!  That is another story!

I took my camera with me and I saw this!

And this!!

I really don't understand why that seat is facing the road and not the water!  The sun was just in the right spot and you can see the rocks and the shellfish attached to them.



ozjane said...

Cute pomegranate...I have one that I want to eat this time. I often let them dry out and use them as ornaments....this one I want to eat.
Glad you survived camp

Robbie said...

Pomegranates are really nice! Love the texture is the 'pear' inbetween the two pomegranates. Nice!

lisette said...

great pomegranates, sally and pears are sooooo voluptuous! very intereste dot see what comes next :)

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