Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sketchbook Project 2011

I've picked up another challenge!  I must be mad!  But mad can be fun!

The Sketchbook Project 2011 just got me so interested I just had to join up and do the work!  A small journal is just so confrounting to me!  There is no where to hide - me , my brain, my hands, my imagination and my fabric stash!  Add a bit of fabric paint, gel pen and good teachers and I might be able to do this!

Here is my little journal.  It is very black and not very big!  Oops - what have I done.  Humm!  see the poppy heads in the back ground ( I'm really serious here- when I took the photo I didn't realise it was there - I was taking a photo of the blank journal!).  They are a drawing of poppy heads!  I drew them for a class I did yesterday morning. Now they are a screen print! (I had a wonderful day, yesterday, learning how to make really good screen prints!)  I'm not saying mine are really good but now I have ean idea of what I should be doing!

Screen printed Poppy Heads on Rust dyed fabric I made over summer!  Looking at that photo, I think I need to learn how to made a shobori discharge to frame the print!  Oh - where do I find more time?

Tonight I've been playing with the cover of the journal.  Where would I start?  Well, my theme is "Below the Surface", so waves above and then me below!  That is what I will attempt!  I have to confront the things I keep hidden!  I have no idea whether I will show you what I do , or not!  Time will tell!

Here goes!  Can I do it?

I'd love to know what you think - am I on the right track?  Just looked at the photo (I'm not very observant).  The cushions I've leant the journal against are two that I made years ago (maybe 25 years ago) when I was a spinner and weaver! They are big floor cushions.  I'm already showing more of me than I knew!


Please wish me luck.  This project will be a real challenge of person feeling and perserverence!



ozjane said...

Love the poppies.......especially.
Was showing some quilts to Rosemary today and remembered for the who know how many times.....that I owe you a fat quarter for all your detective work.....some day there will be a surprise.

Anonymous said...

So glad you have joined the Sketchbook project. The only one's I know who are doing it are also on the same theme. You are a lot further on than me with the lovely cover although aI have plenty of thoughts going around. Saw your screen printing in the QU gallery and the poppies look fantastic.

Robbie said...

Good for you Sally! it's good to stretch ourselves! I love the cover of your journal!!! It's great!! You need to transfer it to a small quilt (or large one!). Love the poppies..reminds me of Laura Kemshall's work. Really quite a nice piece!! I love color of the rust fabric.

Linda Robertus said...

Ha, I've got one too! Will post about it soon - bit scary, isn't it? But we can do it!

Paxton said...

Saddle, of course you can do it! Never doubt your abilities, creativeness and talent - you have all of those in abundance!

Regarding you finding more time, when you work that one out, please let me know as well!!

You go, Girl!

Bluejanem said...

I think you can sally - your work is pretty creative and wonderful.

Del said...

Great cover for your journal. What did you use to draw white on the black? This will be a great experience - go for it! Del

lisette said...

here's lots of good luck - not that you need it :) love love love the poppies and the colours

Munaiba said...

Hey Sally
I love your blog and that design on your journal is really lovely. It reminds me of those "ZenTangles'. I sued to be a spinner and weaver in Hobart too!

Penny said...

I thought about the sketchbook thing but decided I really couldnt afford it, farming is not being very productive lately and we have been away a lot. Love the cover, and your poppies,

xMrxDespairx said...

Nice poppies and cover. Hope to see your stuff online eventually, I admit its very creative =)

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