Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm back and awake.  I'll finish this post now!

Sun Print in the middle of winter in the middle of the night - under a light!  It might work.  I do hope it does.  The masks are 2 die cut butterflies and a mask I used for a screen print.  The poppies are cut from Lithopaper!  They have been used to screen print a few weeks ago.  I managed to pull them from the screen without damage.

I'm holding my breath on this one!  I'm not really confident because it is really cold tonight and the heat is a simple incandescent (?) lamp.  Fingers crossed!

I'll post about the finished product in a min!  How sad!

This is my new sewing room, set up for printing.  It is about an 1/8th of the space I used to have.  I have no idea how I have fitted into this little space but I have and now I am now a lot more organised.  (and there is a lot more stuff all over the house!)

 Please don't tell SweetPea (DH). 

Crayon Batik  -  I tried one with coloured crayons and it was horrid!  Just a mish mash of stuff!  I found some white oil crayons and this is the end result - I still have to hit it with a hot iron to remove the oil/wax.  Much better than the first!

Cling Wrap This is still a work in progress - 24 hours later it is still wet!  This technique is not good for my patience!



PS  Will edit this post tomorrow!  I'm going to bed now!  OK - I slept, got up and went to work, came home, cooked dinner, fixed this post and now I can do stuff!  It's Friday and I might just relax!  We'll see what happens
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maggi said...

I do hope the poppy 'sun' print works as it will be gorgeous. It should do, all it needs is the fabric to dry. Love your space, just don't dip your paintbrush into the wine. My crayon batik was a complete failure, yours is great.

Ozjane said...

Love the poppy one also.
I am glad you are fitting into your space.......I am having a fit at mine and not the energy to fix it.
May I never ever have to downsize till it be into a box...or second worst..or maybe first worst...a nursing home.

Munaiba said...

The poppies look great Sally.

cinzia said...

lots of interesting techniques... definitely plenty of ideas to perfect and enjoy along the way. I agree the crayon blobs must have looked very drab before the extra white.

Robbie said...

so much fun working along with you on this!! I love the end results!

Julie said...

You have been so busy Sally, I love all the projects you have been working on, such a creative mind you have!

Fran C said...

the poppy papers look lovely as does all your other work. Whats the plan for the cling wrap?

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