Sunday, August 01, 2010

Is this much fun legal?

This morning Mark (DH) and I went for a drive.  We looked at house and land and amazing views.  Did I take any photos - No!
Did I have my camera with me - Yes!
  Ah well! Next time.

We went to the markets and found scallops on special!  Yummmmmm!  Mark bought a kilo of them and we then went to DD1's place to share them with her.  We arrived at lunch time!  Typical!  We always manage ro arrive at meal times. As we were leaving look what I found up the up in the wine magonlia that dominates their front yard!  Yep two little grand children.  Aren't they cute? 

Just look at that sunshine - the forcast for today was rain, snow and cold!  I think the weatherman got it wrong.

After lunch I went into the sewing room to continue with Lyric Kinnard's class.

This was an exercise that I really wasn't looking forward to.  I very nearly skipped it.  Nah. I said to myself!  Don't be a sook!

So here we are.  I made it hard for myself - 3 circles not 1 - trying to defeat myself before I start.

Now to add the paint!

This is the finished product.  I think I like it!  The process wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

This my next attempt at crayon batik!  It is still wet.  I think this might be a bit more successful than the last one!  The lines are much finer.

Humm - I seem to have a thing for pears at the moment!


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maggi said...

Love the circles and the pears.

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