Saturday, July 03, 2010

Having Fun with Bleach

Last weekend I was a quilt artist on a mission!  Needed to discharge dye some fabric. 

When I took this photo of the poppy heads that I screen printed a few weeks ago I put it on our dining table, on top on the bamboo place mats!  I really like the way the texture of the mats and the timbre of the table "framed " the print!  Hence the need to do some discharging!

The place mat!  How to achieve those irregular stripes?  This is a real challenge.

This attempt No 1!

 I had a black fat quarter of a nondescript black on the fabric shelf.  I pleated the fabric with the iron,I then tied it at 3 inch intervals and then dipped the edges into a bowl of bleach.  I really wasn't patient enough. 
I like it but not for this task!

Attempt No 2. 

Wow this one is much more like it!  Bleach on black homespun.  I tried to use a shobori technique.  I marked out a grid and stitched the pleats into place.  Not very successful as a shobori but I'm getting there.  This piece will definitely be used soon - I have an idea in my head!

This a attempt No 3

I think I did it!  The lines are a little thicker than I wanted but the colour is right.  It's close enough for me!

I used the pleating technique again but I made sure the pleats were really sharp.  I tied it at 3 inch intervals and then rolled it into a wheel.  I dipped both flats of the wheel into bleach and then clamped it with my fingers until I was happy with the colour.  I'm a very happy little Vegemite right now!



Penny said...

Love that last discharged piece, yummy.

Nia Tilley said...

These are all great Sally, I envy your courage and creativity.

Delia (Del) said...

Well done Sally 3 nice pieces.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

GORGEOUS...I too like the way the table and placements add a border to the poppy heads.... clever soul you are! Cheers, Sarah

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