Thursday, July 08, 2010

Winter in Hobart

Just about every day, for the past 2 weeks this has been the view I have seen my way home from work!  Just on sunset the light comes from below the deck of the bridge.  Those  columns are grey concrete!

Today I finally decided to pull over as I approached the bridge, and I took this photo!  This is the Tasman Bridge - the one that was knocked down by a ship (The Lake Illawarra) in 1975! 

Total length 1,395 metres (4,576 ft)

Width 17.5 metres (57'-2 ft)

Height 60.5 metres(197 ft)

Those stats make a very beautiful bridge!  I just love those strong lines!

On my home from work today, I also saw this!

This is my little Grandaughter, Lucy!

Just look at that trigger finger - she knows what to do with a camera!



retdairyqueen said...

Great photos

Kelly said...

Sally! Don't you just love the difference the sun can make on a very industrial image! Great photo! Outshined only by your darling little Lucy! No doubt a photographer in the making!

Robbie said...

Sally, I'm behind in 'blog' surfing with taking care of our little girl. Love all your pics and the quilt(s) you showed in earlier posts are great!! Don't you just love lino cut prints!! Very nice!

Ozjane said...

When I think of all the hours I spent in a dark room making pictures of the kids doing various things into books to teach reading my mind is somewhat blown by what could be done with a digital camera and computer and printer in the classroom.
Last time I was in Hobart that bridge was what a stick in the mud I am.
Love the photo
What is your favorite color Ms Sally???

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