Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Creative Weekend

I've had the best weekend!I'm still having so much fun with Lyric Kinnard's class.

Cut two new Linos

This one is Poppies (12" x 12").

I decided to print it on some of the rust dyed fabric I made last summer.

I printed a few of these - I'm reasonably happy with the print.  I thought about making a few minor adjustments but I decided against it!

The collection of Poppy fabric is starting to build!

While I had my cutting tools out  I took to two erasers!  I cut two little poppies.  On the other side of the erasers I cut the word "Pear"  I had to do it twice because the first time I cut it the wrong way around! I knew I had to reverse it but did I?  No!

I forgot to take a photo of them before I printed with them - Grrrr!  Please pardon the paint.

I just had fun with this little piece of fabric!

I have no idea if I will ever use it!  Maybe I Will?

I've only just finished cutting this one so I haven't printed with it yet.

I think my three little pears might be interesting.

While I had my paint out and on the pallet I thought I would have some fun with some of the gelatine plate prints I did last year.  Out came the big box of linos and the big pile of fabric waiting to be transformed! (you should see my sewing room!).

I'm looking forward to attacking this one with the sewing machine!

It could possibly be for sale when I have the time to finish it!

I think this one might be a keeper too!

It is a gelatine plate monoprint, over printed with feathers.  Hummmmmm!

Yesterday I spent the day playing with my food and my sponges!

I can't spell but this photo is silly!  My Sponges are "different" - where did I get Diggerent from!

My batteries are now charged and I think I might be ready for the new week!

All my creative juices have been used to the full this weekend.

I'd love to know what you think about the work I have done!

Enjoy the new week.



Annette said...

Wow Sally you certainly had a good time, woohoo.. love the vegie prints..

Fran C said...

love the poppies and vegies. I need time!!!! too much going on at the moment.

maggi said...

I love lino prints. The veggie printing is excellent too. Hadn't thought of mushrooms but they work really well. The feather and poppy piece is gorgeous, I can see why you want to get going with the sewing machine on that one.

ozjane said...

You are getting super clever creative my friend...I love those poppies...
I am so envious of anyone who can actually draw something.

Penny said...

Much better at lino cuts than I am, Ilove doing them but as usual I am never very precise! Your pears and poppies ;ool wonderful.I find proper lino too haed to work with now and the other is not as precise.

Karen S said...

What a cool lino -- I really like the stuff you're doing with the vegetables. The pears with salt are great -- the trouble with salt is you never quite know what it's going to do -- but this looks just fabulous.

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