Sunday, August 15, 2010

A really busy weekend!

The older I get the faster time seems to pass!  All of a sudden it looks like Spring is in the air!  Yeah!!!  The daffs are up and looking bright and chirpy.  The birds are starting to get a bit vocal in the morning and about sunset! (That is the best sound!).  I'm not holding my breath though!  Tomorrow the max temp is going to be only 9C if the weather man is right!  Ouch!  That is cold!

I know Spring is in the air because I've spent the weekend cleaning!  That is so scarey!  We had a Grandbaby to stay for the night last night and DH has been working at the golf club all weekend so I just "did" stuff!

I forgot to say that on Wednesday we had the best rain for 6 months!  This is a photo of our deck doors!  There is an eight foot covered deck between these doors and the great outdoors!  The rain blew in from the southeast big time!

The  garden loved it!  We had over 2 inches of rain in 36 hours! Magic!

The sun was finally warm enough ( and visible!) to try some sun printing. 

This print is Okish - definitely a winter print but I like it! 

I dried some grasses at the end of last summer and today I used them to sunprint - I wish I had dried more of them.   grrr!
Something to work with later.

Now - this is a work in progress - I am very hopeful it has a big future! 

What have i done here?

1.  Lino print red back ground
2.  Hand painted poppy head
3   Eraser cut prints
4.   Polystyrene print with an eraser reduction (wow - that one is going to be hard to explain!)
5.   A little bit of piecing and applique happening as well!

I love this piece.  It is a mono print I did last year.  It is a reduction print!  (explain that one Sally!)

Today I used eraser cuts tp over print it - there are poppies (are you surprised?)rain drops and two little pears!

I think this one might be a keeper too!

Some thread painting and a bit of quilting and I think this might make a good little quilt.

I am still having so much fun with my paints!



Penny said...

Like what you have been doing.
I wonder why we all like poppies and pears, perhaps because they are distinctive but relatively easy to do.
Glad you have had some rain.

Annette said...

Okay, I'll fall for it....'please explain' !!!!

lol.. shades of the political

from Annette

Kelly said...

Looks like you have been having LOTS of fun!! Some beautiful work there girl!

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