Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love Saturdays!

The reason? I can sleep in! You have no idea how much extra energy I can get from an extra 2 hours sleep!

Sweet Pea (DH) and I went for a drive into town to Spotlight (yes I know, but gee! They had a sale on bolt ends! I bought 24 meters of white homespun and 24 meters of black homespun for just over $200!). That should keep me happy with my paints and dyes for quite some time! The washing machine is working overtime. I was only going to buy a little bit of fabric but Sweet Pea (DH) just kept putting the bolts in my arms! I have a very special Sweet Pea (DH)!

We came home and did a bit of housework - this house is so small it only needs a little bit!!!   In an hour we vacuumed and dusted, washed the floors, planted cabbages and Asian greens and re potted the maiden hair fern!

Then I played in my sewing room!  My Poppy and Feather quilt is ready to sandwich!  Bugger!  My supply of batting is really sad.  I need to go batting shopping!  No batting the right size!  Grrr!  I've only got little bits left.  So what do I do?

I played with Shiva sticks and the rust dyed fabric I made last summer.


Three Poppies

And a Pear

Two more elements and I think I might have a new quilt happening!  I think Lindi might be right!  These quilts might be for sale some time soon!  Ta Lindi!



maggi said...

I look forward to seeing the pieces made into a larger piece as they are all lovely in their own right. As for batting, just but it together and oversew to make a larger piece.

Penny said...


Annette said...

Hiya Sally, I see there is a hint already for the batting, instead of oversewing though, join pieces by butting together and ironing a strip of iron on interfacing on to it, light interfacing works wonderfully and adds no extra bulk. This hint came from my professional quilter sister!! I use up all my strips and offcuts this way.
hugs Annette

Paxton said...

Saddle, you leave me speechless! I absolutely love you pomegranate fruit and your poppies are coming into their own! Your work is stunning. LOVE IT!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Looking forward to seeing these image made into a quilt

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