Friday, August 27, 2010

I love Spring!

I just had a really good look at this photo that  I took this afternoon.  We had TGIF drinks in the staff room after work ( I work in a school).   I reached  for the camera that usually lives in my pocket.   Oh no!  I didn't have my jacket on and that rainbow changing by the second!  My camera was in my office, in my jacket pocket !  Not too many staff rooms have a view like this.   I really do work in the most amazing space!  
I work in an special enviroment with a  group of very caring people!  Thank you for all your care this week - it has been a tough one!  This week we said goodbye to a very special Lady!

Ros - this rainbow is for you!



ozjane said...

I love rainbows and did you know you had a double one there.
I have a song I used to sing, called, every time I see a rainbow.
And they bless my socks off.

ozjane said...

oh dear....I went to look up the words and found out afresh that gays have claimed rainbows....that was not quite what I meant.

My song is by John Peterson and is years old and starts off

Every time I see a rainbow shining in the sky above, I remember God's great mercy and His faithfulness and love. When there's a rainbow in the sky the clouds that frowned go smiling by. 'Tis a promise written there of our Father's love and care when there's a rainbow in the sky."

I somehow prefer this to all the references of when I see a rainbow god is having gay sex. great imagination......lousy theology.

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