Monday, September 20, 2010

Gordon River Cruise

The weather was interesting!  Rain, wind and swell!  The boat was beautiful!  Sweatpea and I had front row seats on the top deck!

We did the whole trip in comfort - except when we got off the boat!  The rain and the hail made the trip really interesting!  More of that tomorrow!

That skinny tree next to our guide - the trunk about the diameter of a tin of baked beans is a huon pine that is 80 years old!  That is why the timber growing now is totally protected!  The crafts people are only allowed to harvest the fallen timber - the amazing thing is that some of that wood is ancient!  3500 years since it was a seedling!

This tree ( the one over the water) is about 250 years old and it is hanging on by the skin of its' teeth!  All that white stuff on the tree is lichen!
I love were I live!

The rainforest you can see here is a vertical wall of green!  The grey bits are the rocks that this rain forest grows on.  I am just amazed (for the second  time in my life) that I live so close to one of the most unique parts of the world.  Have I said this?  This rain forest is the largest temperate rain forest left in the world!
Hugz and more later!


maggi said...

No wonder you love where you live Sally. Long may that rainforest survive and flourish.

Mamen said...

que bonitos paisajes, me encantaria poder verlo, pero estoy muy lejos. Besos desdeESPAÑA MAMEN

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful photos Sally, brings back memories of our trip there last November. The temperate rainforest is so different from our troical version. cheers, Robin

Julie said...

I remember doing this river cruise back in 1984, and I can't wait to do it again in the near future!

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