Sunday, September 19, 2010

West Coast Holiday

On the road!  Tuesday morning we packed the car and headed west!  We had a 5 hour drive ahead of us.  Strahan was the target. - a village on the shores of Macquarie Harbour.  To get there we travelled though some of the most amazing country.

 I haven't been out that way for over 30 years, so it was a trip back in time for me.  That was in more ways than one.  My Grandmother grew up in Queenstown, a copper mining town, just inland from Strahan.  That is a really long story for another time.

This beautiful fellow is outside one of the most amazing places I have seen anywhere!  He is made of iron and he lives outside a very, very big shed in the middle of Tasmania!  I couldn't take any photos inside but I did find this out there on the web!

The Wall In The Wilderness is situated at Derwent Bridge in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. It is Australia’s most ambitious art project undertaken in recent years. By 2015 creator/designer, Greg Duncan plans to carve the history of the highlands in 350 metres of timber, most of which will be in our rare Huon Pine. Piners and Miners!  That would be the men who  cut the Huon pine out of the temeperate rain froest and the miners who dug the copper, silver, lead, gold and tin out of our hills.  They were the toughest blokes I know!

This is the best website I can find for The Wall.  I really do live on the most amazing island on earth!

 Huon pine is the most amazing timber.  It is slow growing and can survive in a bog as a log for thousands of years!

This is the Wiki link!  Tells you a hell of a lot more than I can!  Our whole holiday was about where this amazing tree lives

Strahan!  Our base for then next 3 days.

That stretch of water is 6 times larger then Sydney Harbour and about half the size of Port Phillip.  The opening to the sea (The Southern Ocean) is 80 meters wide x 5 meters deep.  Needless to say it is not tidal.  The water level depends on air pressure!  When we were there, there was a very deep low pressure system over Tasmania and New Zealand.  The water level in Macquarie Harbour was very high and there were huge storm in New Zealand!  The weather here wasn't that great either!  That would be the same weather system!

Ocean Beach - Just outside tghe entrance into Macquarie Harbour!  The swell out there was about 7 meters!

Ocean Beach again!

I would have loved to have gone down to the beach to take more photos but the weather was just too rough!  I know the photo looks calm but the wind was knocking me off my feet to take these!

When we arrived in Strahan and found our cottage this was the view I saw from out deck!  The weather was interesting to say the least!

More weather to come!



ozjane said...

Enjoy Sally.....I think we stayed one night in Strahan but I would have liked to stay longer.
The road out of Queenstown......going up that hill remains in my mind.....I was determined to be the driver....LOL.

Robbie said...

Thanks for sharing an insight to your 'trip'! ENJOY!

melinda said...

It looks like you stayed in one of those cute cottages right in the main street. I grew up in Queenstown, so Strahan was our regular picnic destination, but the road between the two towns is just horrendous. A lot of the old local families moved out of Strahan when tourism became the main industry, and I heard someone say the other day that everything there is owned by Federal Hotels, and all the small businesses have been pushed out. It's still a lovely little town, but it lacks the heart that it had back in the day.

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