Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Postcards

I was very productive in my sewing room yesterday.  I made these 4 postcards for a swap I'm in.  The theme is Spring and I've called these little quilts New Growth!  I used a gelatine plate monoprint that I hade over printed with a couple of linos as the background  I very heavily freemotion quilted it and then stitched on the varigated bias for form stems.  Then came the fun bit - gettong out the ruler and rotary cutter and slicing it up into 4 pieces!  I do hope the recipients of these 4 little quilts like them.

Oh - I nearly forgot to mention the best news of all!  On Friday, Sweetpea (DH) and I signed a contract to buy a new house!  Yeah!  I'm so excited.  It is perfect - all the renos have been done - all we have to do is move in.

The new house doesn't have a sewing room!  It has a studio!!!!!!  I'll have room to move.  I'll be able to see what I've got!  I'll have a cutting table and a sewing table!

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maggi said...

Lovely postcards Sally, your swap partners will love them. Congratulations on the new house and studio.

ozjane said...

Lovely work and fabulous news about the house and studio.

Robin Mac said...

Your swap partners will love the postcards. Wonderful news about the house - imagine having a studio!!! Congratulations also in getting through to the next round in the selection process for the Lark book. cheers, Robin

Penny said...

So glad about the new house, with a Studio!
Love those post cards,

Buffy said...

OMG!! I get one of yours ... how lucky am I ... they're lovely. And congrats on your new house and studio ... you're lucky too : )

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Sally,
Congrats on the new house! Yippee!
I hope you will keep us updated with images as you set up your new quilt studio!
I am happy for you...
LuAnn in Oregon

Lindi said...

Wish I had gone in the swap, now. I might have been lucky enough to get one of yours. :)
Great news about the house and the studio sounds wonderful!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Drat...I was hoping you were in my windows postcard swap!!!! Congrats on the new house...can't wait to see pics!

And major congrats on making it to the second round in the Lark book..I didn't make it, but much of my work isn't the right category this time!

SURE hope you make it...hooooray!
Hugs back at you, Sarah

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