Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gelatine plates and English Paper Piecing

Yesterday I taught my very first class.  My victims students are were my friends.  We all belong to a quilting group we have started at school.  Every 6 weeks we meet at school for a day of learning and sewing (not to mention good food and wine)  Each session one of us teaches the others a new technique.  This weekend  it was my turn.

I am the senior laboratory technician at the school and I decided my Prep Room would be the best place to play with paint and gelatine plates.  We spent 2 hours painting, rubbing. lifting and resisting!  It didn't take the girls long to work out what we were doing and then the fun ensued.  None of the bins on the walls were safe!  They contain all sorts if interesting shapes for resists!

Here are Leanne, Suzanne and Carol showing off some of the little prints they made.  I was kept busy cutting more fabric for them - I thought I'd cut enough!

This is Shirley and Alicia!  When Shirley is around it is a giggle a minute!

I think the girls had some fun!

Lunch was good too!  We had a Mexican theme.

M-J supplied the bubbles!

During the afternoon we sat in the Physics lab (lots of power points and a smart board) and sewed.  Quilts were sandwiched, applique was machined x 2, borders were sewn on, backing was prepared and M-J started to quilt her bargello quilt!  I'll have to ask her is I put a photo of it on my blog one day!

And what did I do during the afternoon?  I finished the quilting on this and started to paint some of the leaves I quilted onto it!

A little bit more paint in strategic spots and it will be ready for a facing!

So far so good I think!

Today I've been doing something totally different.

I subscribe to Design Matters TV.  (Thank you Lisa for pointing me that direction!).  Over the last few weeks Laura Kemshall has been showing us some very interesting English paper piecing.  Now, I've never be attracted to it at all!  Hexagons really don't do much for me.  Please don't get me wrong!  I really admire quilters who have the patience to make a grandmother's garden quilt.  It's just not me. 

Well, having said that, look what I have done!  This is my very first piece of English paper piecing!

It still needs a heap of work (quilting ........)but it has had its papers removed and it sits flat!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you a bit more about it over the next week or so as I do more work on it!

I do hope you like my post today!  I've had the best weekend of sharing and creating.



Wil Opio Oguta said...

LOL I have watched these same shows too and am now paper piecing as well. Canvases have been ordered :-)

Linda Robertus said...

I love your piece of English paper piecing! (and hexagons don't do anything for me either...) Waiting to see what else you will do with it.
And your surface design class looks like a lot of fun - wish I could be there! How nice to have a group of like-minded ladies at your workplace!

Robbie said...

Can't wait to see what you end up with on your paper piecing. It was fun to do wasn't it! I'm going to make another one (my Klee pattern) as I want to retain the fabrics in my original piece rather than paint over it. I'm working on a 2nd piece now for a challenge due in Nov. I just love this process.

ozjane said...

too much fun Sally......I remember using gelatine trays for some form of copying in the pre photocopy days of teaching.........remember messy but no more.
Loss of memory is convenient i think.

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