Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Trial

I sooked! I wasn't quite game enough to commit my english paper pieced little quilt top to the whole process until I tested the process out!

I went into my sewing room (broom cupboard) and dug out my little quilt sandwich I used to teach me how to free motion quilt. The quilting is not so good but it gives me an idea od what is possible!

I think I might almost like this piece!

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maggi said...

Good idea to do a test run for that final process as there is no going back. It has worked well though.

Aart said...

Good work, free motion quilting is so fabulous to do! For now practice, practice and practice!!

Robbie said...

Yahoo! Aren't you glad you tried this! I finished my 2nd one but can't post until after nov. 13 as my piece is for one of my fiber guild challenges. I love the technique and think yours turned out great as well! now do the same with your english paper pieced one!! It will work!!

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