Friday, October 22, 2010

Journal covers

 Today has been a day off for me!  Yeah!

It is Mid-term break and we get a 4 day weekend.  Yesterday, Hobart Show Day, I spent playing in my sewing room, playing with two of my grandchildren (both at the same time)  and feeding said grandchildren and their mother (she was studying hard for her final Uni exams and I was the child minder).

Today was play time just for me.  I made these two journal covers.

The Poppies and Pears (again) is A3 and was a huge learning curve - I messed up the measurements and had to add a placket!  I think it still works.

This one is A5 - my travelling sketchbook.  This little sketchbook will be travelling with me every where I go for the next month or so.

A really positive and productive way to spend a day a home.



Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Lovely book covers. I hope you get plenty more 'me time' during you mid term break.

Munaiba said...

They're lovely Sally. I especially like the smaller one.

Robbie said...

sally, they are both fantastic! Love the pink shades and the smaller one are my colors! Can't decide which I like better!

Julie said...

I do admire a crafter who can keep going when the measurements go wrong, and still come up with something of beauty!!!

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