Sunday, October 24, 2010

I bought a Tagine

DH  and I went to the golf club annual dinner 2 weeks ago!  We had a brilliant night - the food was good,  the company was good and I won one of the prizes in the raffle!  I won a gift voucher to Myer!

I went shopping yesterday and what did I find when I went into Myer?  "Spend $75 and take off $25"!  I had a $50 voucher!

Now - I have lusted after a Tagine for a long time!

Here it was on the shelf - $90!  I bought it!  It cost me $15 from my pocket!  Oops - now I have to learn Moroccan cooking real fast!

How does this look? 

Moroccan  beef with chickpeas, prunes and pumpkin!  There are also a heap of spices!  Amazing flavours! The house still smells amazing!

DH's plate.  I made him wait till I took the photo!  He was not a happy camper until he tasted it!

Serious yum!

Now I know why I wanted a tagine.


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Robbie said...

I live in a cave! So I'm not familiar with this new utensil you bought. I'll have to look it up! What fun for you!!

Annette said...

Oh Sally you're tea looks delicious.. great utensil for winter warmers..

treasures 306 said...

This looks wonderful! I want one of those Tagines now :)

I am Jane Monk - said...

Oh yes ... lovely. I have had one for over a year now ... I cook in it at least once a week pretty much. Want some recipes .. Jane

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