Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Sketchbook

I thought I would show you a couple more pages from my Shetchbook.  I've started to play with watercolour.  These are my first few baby steps.

Unfortunately the pages in the Sketchbook are a wee bit thin and I made the paper a wee bit wet, so my little tear shaped doodle blurred a bit!  Ho hum!

The pages are so thin I have to some of the elements from the previous page on the next page as you can see them through the paper - My tear shaped doodle turned into an egg plant!



Penny said...

Looks good. I have been either gluing two pages together or doing the painting on other paper and gluing that in.
Sort of loses a bit though.
found your bit on your great, grand mother (or was there another great in there?0 very interesting, fancy living to that age!

Dotti said...

Great start Sally. (I've been a lurker) When I do watercolor in my sketch book I take a glue stick and glue two or three pages together and iron them flat!

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