Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not Happy Jan!

Can you see what is wrong with these photos?  I can and I'm really not happy at all!

There is no foot!  My little quilt is ready to quilt and I can't find my darning foot or my BSR foot!  Come to think of it - I can't find my pins either!  And all the cottons I've been using lately!

What have the removalists done?  I was going to pack up my sewing room but the boxes we asked for didn't appear!  THEY packed me up!  Can I say "BUGGER!"

Tonight Sweetpea (DH) and I have gone through every box we can find in the garage ( we found some very interesting stuff like Sweetpea's (DH) phone charger) but no feet!  I don't have any pins either, except in my travelling kit!

What a waste of an evening!  I really want to be quilting!  Tomorrow I'm going to be at my favourite quilting shop buying a new darning foot (my favourite quilting tool)!

Deep breaths! In - Out - In - Out!



PS - look at the fluff on that needle!  It has been on the machine for about 1 meter of stitching!  No wonder we have fluff in the works!

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lisette said...

oh no - what a pest! at least you still have the machine! do i see some rust dyed fabrics in that quilt?

arts4all said...

Have just discovered your blog Sally and love everything!!! Tasmania is very far away from Florida (USA) but with the internet, all can be close in new ways. Have just been looking at blog photos of SNOW from the UK, and feel quite happy to be predictable warm!

Chris said...

Oh, Sally!!! Cx

Fran C said...

Oh Sally what a nuisance, contact the removalist as that should be covered by your insurance. They packed it so it's their responsibility to find it.
Probably in some obscure box inside something else. One move my ex and I had the removalists lost all my casserole dishes and mixing bowls a whole box of glassware disappeared.

Melinda said...

How fustrating, especially knowing it may not turn up.

Penny said...

Bugger indeed.

Lindi said...

Comiserations, Sally. How DO removalists manage to lose things? DS's removalist lost a big box full of tupperware when he moved.

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