Thursday, December 02, 2010

That's better!

This photo looks so much better!

I bought a new foot.  It cost me but it is better than the darning foot I can't find ( Still Not Happy Jan!).

Progress is happening with "Passage to Another World"!  Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  This is the one I have chosen. 

It makes so much sense if you think about the people on the boat (convicts who haven't known anything but privation since birth.  They lived in England, in mud huts, most of them!  Then they were on the hulks on the Thames!  Yuck!  The ones that survived the bad food, disease and violence were loaded onto these filthy boats and sent to sea to God Knew where!

They saw nothing much, most of them were too sick to care!  Then they arrive in Hobart Town!  It wasn't really pretty by the time my Great Great Grandmother arrived here on her convict ship but I think it might have been a lot better than where she had been,  She was a very tough young woman!  She was 19 when she landed in Hobart and 102 when she died!  She arrived in a very alien place "Another World"!    Thank you Jenny!

On my way to work yesterday I saw this!  I had to stop and take a photo.

Two black swans feeding in the small bay just south of our new house.  Magic!


(I have no idea where my siggy has gone - oh well - the least of my worries!)

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ozjane said...

What a lovely little foot...I am so glad you have a new toy to treasure. Watch pussy cats they love to throw things like that on the floor....LOL.
As me how I know.........

Jane Monk said...

Nice foot Sally - lol! Also beautiful photo ... I know just where you took that photo - v.nice!
Glad you can get some stitching done now.

Chris said...

Gorgeous spot - Joan Schulze had me pull over to photograph boats moored there years ago - the reflections are always magic in that spot. Enjoy your stitching!! Cx

Clare Wassermann said...

happy to find your blog...enjoy your quilting

Trillian said...

Hi Sally,
I just jumped in. I have the same foot and wasn't happy with it, like you. It was better then the foot before but not what I was thinking about. My friend cut the plastic in front of the needle. Now it is open and I am happy with it.

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