Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sketchbook Project Fun

Today we had the Tribal get together! All the girls (bar one - she and her family are in Melbourne) and their families and our extended family got together at our house for a Brunch BBQ!

4 kg snags, 3 kg bacon, 4 litres milk, 6 loaves of bread, 2 hours making espresso coffee and hot chocolates, 2 dozen oysters and 5 kilos of ham later they have all gone home again!

Lots of fun has been had and the little, shy pussy cat can now claim her house back! 

Once all was sort of cleaned up and sorted, I got my sketchbook out again and worked with it.

 The birds are still around!

I have no idea where any of these are coming from but I think I'm starting to get very fond of them.

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I do wish I knew where this sketchbook was taking me!  I guess, by the time I get to the back page I will know!

PS  I still like the birds!



arts4all said...

These cheerful little birds remind me of Roger DuVoisin's art. Maybe you will have another incarnation as an illustrator for children's picture books! Your Christmas sounds as crazy as mine - lots of kid energy, food, chaos and JOY!!

Chris said...

I love the colourful middle group! Cx

lyric said...

Absolutely sweet! Love your playfulness.

Is it necessary to know where you are going with this? Simply enjoy the journey - it will most certainly be a delightful one!

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