Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Summer arrives in Hobart!

Summer has finally arrived!

 How do I know? Because The Taste of Tasmania has started!

What is The Taste of Tasmania? This is the celebration of all things Tasmania. Our fine foods and our amazing wines. It is a huge party on the docks, just beside where the Sydney- Hobart Yacht Race finishes ( as well as the Melbourne-Hobart and the Launceston-Hobart Races). The party goes from today until January 3rd.

Lots of people and amazing food and wine!

We met so many friends doing the same thing.

The setting is awesome (I can say that and I live here!).

I think that sea gull (silver gull) had the idea that there might be food available.

I guess I should have blurred the face of the bloke eating his crayfish (lobster) but I have no idea how to!

This is the view outside the big shed - the stalls are all inside (under cover).  How much fun are they all having?  The little huddle on the left is a bunch of blokes getting some really cold water to drink.  (a good idea I think).

Traditionally, this is where the yachts "park" after the race.  Most of them are too big now to dock here now, ( I remember, as a small child, walking around this dock (Constitution Dock) and seeing all the boats tired up, with lots of very tired ans smelly sailors having a few beers on their yachts)  Now only the little ones dock here.

I played tourist today in my own town and  had a lot of fun!

I'm very lucky to live in the best little City on Earth!



Aart said...

Enjoy the Summer, here on the north side of the globe is it winter.
We have had lots of snow here in Holland and since long time we had a white christmas!!

Chris said...

Couldn't agree more, Sal - that's why I live here too! And we won't mention the snow on Mount Wellngton overlooking Hobart 26 and 27, eh? Cx

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