Monday, January 17, 2011

Life is starting to return to normal around here.  My birthday was yesterday and we had 30 family and friends come to our new house for a spit roast lunch!  They started to arrive at 11am and the last left at 8pm!  We had the best day.

Turning 57 wasn't so bad after all!

This morning, at 6.30, the alarm rang - raucous!  I had to get up to go to work - eek!  Ah well!  It pays the bills.

When I got home late this afternoon this photo was the view I saw from my kitchen sink!  Awesome!  That is my next door neighbours front garden.  The light was perfect.

So, there you go!  The summer holidays are over, I'm back at school (no kids till 2nd week in Feb)  and we are back into the real world!

Just a reminder.

This is the little quilt I have up for auction here.

If you can afford it, the victims of the Queensland floods would really appreciate the help!


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Penny said...

Happy belated Birthday. 57 doesnt sound so old to me!
Would love your quilt but made my donation already.

Robbie said...

Happy Birthday!!! My BD was January 16th too!

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