Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Next Sketch

Two little shells dipping their toes into the ocean!  The anemone is a shirker!  It won't dip it's toe.



arts4all said...


I found Jane's blog, "Existential Neighborhood" though you, and want to thank you for your comments on her post about ending her blog. I don't know her except through her words, of course, but feel so sad for her apparent state of mind.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh sally, thanks so much for the shells and sketchbook images... I really need to use / play with my sketchbooks more. Trying to slow my life down enough to do more of what I need to do to feed my soul and less of the mindless treadmill!

Cheers, Sarah

Del said...

When are you going to come back? I miss you and I'm sure others do also. I hope you are okay. Del

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