Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am a Teacher!

Today I taught my first official workshop! I taught the most amazing group of ladies how to play with gelatine plates.  If the photos I've attached below are any indication they had a heap of fun.   I'm exhausted!  I've got very sore feet (don't wear the boots next time) and I am one very Happy Little Vegemite!  (for my not Australian readers - I'm stunned and amazed!).

You rock Girls!  I couldn't stop you until the clock said "time out"!

This photo is of the hands that belong to the body that appeared on my blog a long time ago (that would be last year (or maybe the year before)).  I think the gloves need to be framed and sold because they had just too much fun!  Cryptic and just for you Ros!


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Blogger isn't playing very nicely tonight, so I give up and will post more tomorrow!

Thank you so much for a great day!



CHRIS said...

Fantastic work! This looks like so much fun. Look forward to learning more about it. Happy Days Chris

Jane said...

Lovely, and great seeing some old friends -Elizabeth and Jill from my Hobart days,

Chris said...

Had a great day, Sally, an am praying the green fuzz stays off the plate!! Cx

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