Monday, May 23, 2011

I have been busy!

Dear Reader,

I am down on bended shin saying sorry!  I really have no idea where the time has gone.  So much to do, so little time.

Life at work has returned to something vaguely near normal (at least there are two of me now instead of me trying to do the work of two!)  What a relief.  Nicky is great and we are catching up will all the work.

I have made a small art quilt as a test for a larger quilt I will be making.  I had some issues with o few of the elements I wanted to use and I decided a small test quilt would be the way to.  After a couple of issues it finally worked.  Now onto the big quilt!  Don't you just love deadlines!

I've been busy with baby quilts and Grand babies. 

At the same time I have start doing City and Guilds with Design Matters.  I've having a lot of fun working my way through the work.  I thought I'd show you what I achieved over the weekend.  With all the fabric dyeing I have done I had never made a colour wheel of hand dyed fabric.  Well now I have done two!  The pile on the left is a series of 6 and I used cool primary colours.  I really don't like the primary colours - they are way too "acid" but the secondary colours are to dye (pardon the pun) for.  The second row are made with warm primary colours.  You should see them in real life - yummy!

While I was at it, I dyed yarns to match (silk, crochet cotton and mercerised crochet cotton).  The fabrics I have used are cotton handspun, cotton sateen, a 60/40 silk/cotton blend and Lara linen (60/40 linen/cotton).  They all took the dye differently!    I had a very satisfying Sunday. 

Hugz  - and I'll try very hard to not neglect you too much

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Penny said...

I wondered where you had got to, I feel I am not achieving much at the moment except photos as the pinched nerve in my neck/sholder is a pain, literally.
Lovely to see a bit of what you have been doing.

elle said...

ooh, yummy! I'd not even thought of a cool verses a warm colour wheel. Interesting!

maggi said...

I like the sample quilt, look forward to seeing the finished piece. Glad you are enjoying the C&G, the dyed fabrics look fantastic. Who is your tutor? I have got Catherine Nicholls and she is excellent.

Robbie said...

Glad you are 'back at it'!!! good to hear from you again! Anxious to see the 'bigger' quilt!!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

That is pure eye candy!

I too, with my friend Robbie (we are in the small island of Guernsey) are doing a C&G online with DesignMatters.

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