Friday, June 10, 2011


I am trying so hard to stay on focus!

  So!  What am I doing?  I have started another altered book.  This one is important!  It is starting to gel all the thoughts I am having about a very special quilt.  I think the Blackbird wins!  After all - I am a child of the 60's!  Where would we be without the White Album?

If you think I've gone mad - you could be right but I am in a good spot just now and Sweet Pea is asleep!


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Anonymous said...


I should have gone to bed a few minutes ago ... now I am going to bed with 'Blackbird' in my head ... and trying to work out what you might do with the blackbirds on a quilt.

Perhaps I should stay up longer and get the album out!

Judy B

Maggi said...

Love what you are doing with this and can't wait to see the quilt that comes out of it. This child of the 60s never did like the Beatles!

Lindi said...

Totally like!

CHRIS said...

This looks so interesting look forward to seeing it all- great blackbirds. Also love your photos of winter in Hobart. I think the cold might just be Tassies best bit. Winter here in Melbourne is so dreary no stunning mountain or river reflections.I miss it all. Happy days. Chris

Melinda said...

My creative side really takes over in times of trouble. I can sew like a mad thing sometimes.

Dee Soden said...

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

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