Saturday, June 25, 2011


What do you do with the pieces of fabric that have been rejected from a quilt?

I have been designing a very special quilt for a very special purpose and a lot of the fabrics that I have dyed and embellished have "hit the cutting room floor" so to speak.  The pile was starting to get a little large and some of the fabrics I really love.

I couldn't help myself (again!).  I made another wall hanging to trial some of the ideas I have for the "very special quilt"!

Unfortunately the rusted fabrics just didn't make the grade but when they are all put together without any distracting colours they seem to develop a live of their own.

This little quilt is still a WIP.  I'm only half way through quilting it then I need to add more paint and a few other embellishments (beads maybe?!).  My sewing has been slowed up a bit.  On Friday night I picked a fight with our  very large, just sharpened, Chef's knife! Six stitches later in the heal of my left hand, I am feeling a bit sore and very silly!  Now we have two invalids in the house!  What a pair!

This photo, I took on my way to work on Wednesday, The Winter Solstice!  The Solstice was at 3.16 AM EST and I took this photo at 7.15 AM EST.  Sunrise over the Derwent River through a volcanic ash cloud (from a volcano in Chile). The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular since the ash cloud has been around but the airlines and their passengers are not at all happy!

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Annette said...

Love the little quilt, very clever. That photo, with the ash is spectacular.. well done. Hope you hand heals quickly.. not good haveing two invalids in one house... who's going to look after you both??

Maggi said...

The quilt is looking fantastic. So ash clouds do have their advantages if this photo is anything to go by. Hope the hand recovers quickly, nasty thing to do.

Lisa Walton said...

Love this quilt sally. You are so clever.

CHRIS said...

Can wait to see the real deal this little one is fantastic. Especially like the rusts. Stunning mountain too! happy days Chris.

Chris said...

Love it, Sally!! I wish I could use black assuccessfully as you do!! Take care Cx

Robbie said...

You've made GREAT use of the rust fabric!! Wow! These piece is amazing!!!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hey Sally,
What a great piece!
It is so appealing, makes me want to look at it over and over again.
Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!
LuAnn in Oregon

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