Monday, July 18, 2011

The world is looking a little brighter today!

Today my Sweat Pea (DH) had his big operation!  He is very sad and sore at the moment and in intensive care but ....................   phew!  It isn't as bad as it could have been and the rocky road ahead will be a bit smoother than we first thought it would be. It still won't be fun but the prognosis is a lot better than it could have been.

Yesterday, as a diversion, we went for a drive to Richmond  to feed the ducks under the bridge.

This is Al and Issy tossing the bread into the river!

The ducks were very hungry but the seagulls were in there for the fight!  I think the 5 geese that were there put in the biggest effort!

The Richmond Bridge - the oldest bridge in Australia. I just love the beautiful clean lines of the stone work. It was built in 1835.

Isn't this the most handsome duck you have ever seen - there are so many greens in the feathers on his back! He was camera shy - he hid in the reeds for ages and when he did come out he turned his back on the camera.

I would love to show you some more photos of our day out but Blogger is not playing nicely.

After we fed the ducks all of us, Sweat Pea, Bec, Al, Seb, Issy and I had a lovely lunch at the Pub.  The table was right in front of the fire and we were all cosy and warm.

Pretty much the best sort of day you can have in the middle of winter (one of those beautiful Tasmanian, sun and blue sky days).

I've just spoken to the Sister looking after Sweat Pea and he is sleeping and comfortable.

Tomorrow is another day!



Lindi said...

Hugs, Sally. Glad the op went smoothly. Sending healing wishes for a quick and successful recovery.
Love that Richmond Bridge. Many years since I was there.

Linda Robertus said...

That is good to hear Sally! Hope that DH's recovery will be quick and uncomplicated. Best wishes for both of you, you are in my thoughts.
PS What a lovely bridge!

Linda Robertus said...

PPS Just showed the bridge to my DH who admired it and said 'In Amsterdam it would be called 'The New Bridge' ;-).

Ozjane said...

Very glad to hear all went well with better rather than worse expectations as a result.
I love that bridge also. Long time no see.
Sometimes when Blogger is being a pain I resort to creating a collage in Picasa and that gets me out of heaps of uploading.
That is when my brain works and I think of it.

Annette said...

Good to hear you both have some good news to help you through the dark days..

Robbie said...

So glad everything went well for your hubby! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Penny said...

i Sally so glad all is going well and I hope he gts well soon.
I love that bridge, I am thiking it is time we visited Tasmania again.

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