Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction 2011

I have just been informed that the little quilt I have donated to the SAQA Benefit Auction 2011 has been uploaded to Auction page.  If you you like to have a look go here

When I printed my Koi I only made 4.  This one is the 4th one.  The third one I auctioned for the Queensland Flood Appeal (my best friend won it and gave it to my God Daughter for her birthday).  The other 2 flew to England to Susan Briscoe.  Susan did the original art work for Koi.  She designed it to use as a sashiko pattern.  I used that pattern to cut a 12" x 12" lino and then printed it.

There are over 300 12" x 12" quilts up for auction - they are all amazing!

Go and have a look - it is a lot of eye candy!


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