Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man on The Moon!

A long time ago - when I was 14 - a man, very slowly went down a ladder.  He said some very "important" words, put his foot on a very dusty bit of moon and entered the history books!  At about exactly the same time, my Uncle Harry took a big step into the great unknown!  He died at the same time history was made.

I think I am the only person on earth who remembers my Great Uncle today but the whole world knows what happened on the moon!

Harry Surman watched and was amazed but missed the moment by 2 hours!  Every year I remember, not just the moon landing but the life of a wonderful man who fought in 2 world wars, had no children but raised 15!  I was the 15th.  The 14th was my Father.  An amazing man!

I wonder who will remember us when we are gone!



Robbie said...

Interesting post, Sally. It's obvious your Uncle was important in your life and it's wonderful you have a 'history' event to remember both! I often wonder what folks will say when I'm "gone"...makes you think more about your actions every day and whether we are living life to the fullest and considering others at the same time!

rooee said...

what a story and what a wonderful man your uncle was. we must be the same age Sally because i was at high school when the moon landing happened. we all gathered on the oval where the headmaster declared we could go home and watch it all on telly. imagine a school sending kids home on a whim today? there would be an uproar! haaa

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