Monday, July 25, 2011

This morning it was COLD!

I am so pleased I could stay home today!  I am home this week to look after my DH (Sweet Pea).  He came home from hospital on Saturday after his operation and the news is all good!  It looks as though the cancer was found early enough  Phew!

This the view that greeted me this morning from my kitchen window.

That white stuff isn't snow - it is frost!

It was so cold.  In fact, it has been really cold all day.  Our maximum for today has been a sunny, still 6C!  One of those winter days in Tasmania that makes this the best little island on Earth.

This is my little olive tree was white!  

The herbs under it looked as though they had been snapped frozen.  I guess that is the last of the parsley until next spring.

The poor little pea plants were weighed
down by the weight of the ice.  I hope they recover.  They are struggling as it is, because the sun is so low in the sky.

Even the Jonquills had their heads bowed.

The water in the bird bath was frozen solid.  That is about 10 centimeters of ice.  I think the birds might have given a bath a miss today!

Tomorrow is supposed to just as cold.

I might complain baout the cold but I am nice and warm and cosey inside and we are having a proper winter for the first time in years


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Lindi said...

Good news about DH! I'm so pleased for you all. :)
Incredible frost! Hope your poor plants survive.

Linda Robertus said...

Sally, I'm so glad the news was so good!
Not envying your winter though - sounds like the Netherlands... Ilove the warm sunny winter days here in Brissy!

rooee said...

so glad your DH's surgery went well and the prognosis is good for him. hugs for you both Sally. xx

Robbie said...

More well wishes you and your hubby's way!!! We're having high 80's every day and humid..guess we're never happy are we!

Ozjane said...

Lovely to have good news confirmed.May the healing time together be special.

Robin Mac said...

What wonderful news, hope he makes a quick recovery. I am glad I am here in sunny Queensland, I can't cope with the cold likethat any more - makes pretty pictures though! Cheers

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