Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Creative

 It has been a busy weekend.  The weather has improved out of sight.  I've just spend a very pleasant hour out in the garden finishing off the rose pruning (I know it is a bit late but at least I could see the new shoots easily!  Everything out there is starting to pop up out of the ground..This is our first winter in this house so watching the bulbs breaking through the soil is fun.

I went for a wander with my camera to look for flowers.  Here are some of what I found.

Rosemary Flowers - the are very small.  I had no idea they were such complex little flowers.

Hellebore (Is that how you spell it?)
The first of the apricot blossom not quiet open yet, but it won't be long! Soon all the fruit trese will be in full blossom..  I just can't get Blogger to let me put this text where I want it!  Very frustrating!


Yesterday I spent a very productive day in my studio sewing bubbles!  Six hours (with the odd coffee break and I got them all done)

It  was fun to finally spend some productive time with my beautiful Bernina.

The quilt I'm quilting is 5' x 5' and is the "very special" quilt that (hopefilly) is going to Houston to be part of Lisa Walton's exhibition. 

Here is a little more of the quit - blackbirds, fountains, feathers,  flowers and water drops - and of course bubbles.

I'll show more when it is finished!

The world is really starting to look Rosy.  Sweet Pea (DH) is healing fast (starting to get cabin fever, but that is a good sign!)  Next week we find out what the next step is.  All is good with the world - now back to Beautiful Bernina and keep sewing!


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Lindi said...

Your garden would be very inviting, with lovely little flowers popping up like that. :)
Good to hear Sweet Pea is feeling better. Fingers crossed for the next Dr visit.
Love your bubbles! That quilt certainly looks intriguing. Can't wait for the reveal!
What sort of Bernina do you have? I have started saving for a new machine, but so many options out there I don't know what to target!

Annette said...

Hiya Sally, love the pics, and the peek/s of your WIP, looks great fun. Lovely to hear your hubby is feeling good, that is great news. Wishing you all the best for the next stage.

Penny said...

Your qyilt and the bubbles looks fantastic, not a quilter but it looks like a lot of work.
Glad all is well with your world too at the moment. I think you have more flowers in your garden than in mine.

rooee said...

Did not know you were in a new house. I am out of the loop totally! I remember the first spring in this house and the joy at seeing what popped up. Magical!
Fun peeks at your new quilt....Houston! wowee Sal, wtg!!! xxx
ps...hope DH is good as gold in no time.

ozjane said...

Lovely macro photos...I can see I have a lot of work to do in learning how to use my lens. That Rosemary is lovely.
Quilt is also looking amazing.
Clever clever lady.

Lisa Walton said...

The quilt is looking brilliant - not much more to do is there? Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

The quilt is looking fantastic, can't wait for the final reveal. I lost my Rosemary in our severe winter last year so can't take a really close look to see if our Rosemary is the same as yours. Beautiful photos though.

Good news about DH and his healing and good luck with the next step.

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