Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Travellers Blanket for a good reason!

I've started a new Travellers Blanket!

Today I shopped for flannelette, found some amazing, very old and stained lawn that belonged to my Mother-in-law and then played with my dye pot!

I really do love the blanket I've already started but it is a bit too heavy to pack in my cabin luggage to take to the US!  I needed something a wee bit lighter!  Something I can stitch on the 16 hour flight from Sydney to Fort Worth - even if I can only do, maybe, an hour of stitiching on the plane - that is a bonus!

This photo isn't the best - a bit too over the top yellow!  I just put both on the scales - blue blanket - 800g  Yellow blanket - 400g!

I can tone down the yellow with bits and pieces I pick up on my trip!  Now there is a challenge to me!  Can I find squares (circles) on my travels to add to my Travellers Blanket that are donated?  I might see if I can run with that!  I might start with my friends at home and see where I go from there!  That would make this one a true Travellers Blanket!


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Penny said...

What a lovely idea, I am sure you will find a great collection and it will end up having many wonderful memories woven in to it.
Wish I was going with you!

Robbie said...

Well, I might have to send a 'circle or square' along with your cuff! But I better get busy on it, right!!

Annette said...

What a wonderful idea Sally..

Maggi said...

What a good idea and it will become a traveller's quilt that holds so many memories.

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