Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traveller's Blanket

This is where I left you two posts ago.  What am I going to do with this?

Well!  Me being me!  I've started a new project before I've finished the last one!  Is anyone surprised?  The silence says  "No"!

I've signed up to do Dijanne Cevaal's "Travellers Blanket"  Class!

I'm loving the freedom!  My goodness - hand stitching!  Why did I start this class start when I had 2 quilts that needed facings, bindings and labels?  My poor sore hands. This project will be long!  I think I need to find the new thimble, like the one that Erica now has!

My first square!  Not quiet finished yet.  The journey starts! 
The start of the blanket is amazing - it drapes so softly without the stitching - it will be very interesting to see how the hand is after I've finished the hand stitching.

This post looks horrid but if I play with Blogger anymore I will not be responsible for my actions!!!!!

So far so good!

Hugz (with my sanity still intact!)


rooee said...

this looks like a LOT of fun! can you get hold of one of those nice soft rubbery thimbles that look like jelly? they are fabulously comfy.

Maggi said...

A lovely start. It will help you to relax when Blogger is being a pain.

Robbie said...

I saw where Dijanne was teaching this online class! So glad you are taking will be fun to see your progress on the blanket!! Are those chain stitches sewn down? Very nice 1st piece!

Erica Spinks said...

Ooh, what fun you are having! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Lindi said...

I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing the beginning of your journey. I hope you share more. :)

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