Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing dyeing with my friends!

Yesterday I had the amazing experience!  I shared, with a bunch of my friends, the experience of turning white stuff into the most amazing coloured stuff! 

Stuff = white fabric/threads!

I think the girls had a heap of fun - I know I did.

To teach you need to show - I think that is how it happens.  So I scrunched, I pleated. I "mooshed" (new word quoted by MJ and Carol - very effective!).

While the girls were playing, I played a bit too - they watched and did!

Photos of their results coming soon!

I showed them how to tray dye. 

From the fabric I saw coming out of the washing machine, they have over achieved!  Awesome!

Wow - I'm so happy with this result!

  When I finally came home I decided to use the left over dye (you can't waste it!)!

This is 1m x 2.4m!  I can see a lot of stitching happening here very soon!

This piece is gigantic!  I have no idea what I will do with it - I just couldn't waste the dye!

A purple forest?  100cm x 50cm.



Ozjane said...

too much fun here.
Can you post me some mojo...LOL.

Chris Daly said...

Gorgeous fabrics Sally!

Penny said...

Lovely fabrics, am not confident in dyeing, wish I was.

Chris said...

Drop dead gorgeous!! Well done! Cx

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