Monday, October 03, 2011

Welcome to my Studio - finally!

Where did September go! I need more hours in the day, more days in the weeks andj ust more creative time!

In 4 weeks time I will be on my way to the US for the IQF!  Life just feels a bit unreal at the moment.  Passport and tickets in hand! Yeah!

I tried to ground myself a bit this weekend.

I have been trying to get this photo for years.  It is a snag on the banks of the Derwent River that has been there ever since I can remember (I'm 57). 

That snag has just so much structure.  This is the top level of the snag!

I took this photo in the driving rain as a nasty weather change came through!  Gee I got wet but it was worth it!  I have a heap more photos that, one day, could be quilts.

Now I will show you my work space - it is about as tidy as it will ever be!

This the the stairway to my heaven!  My studio is down there. How lucky can this little possum be?  This is the view from the living room!  I can still be part of the family but not make a mess in the living areas!

It is still not perfect but it is nearly tidy!  The poor Peace lily needs a drink!  Fixed!  Too much sun I think!

The view back up the stairs!

There is a lot of stuff in here - mircrowave, HD TV (important creative thingy!), beads, pens, pencils, paints, brushes, thermofax screens, threads,............!

This is my creative space, and I love it!  The art cupboard is to the right but I'm not showing you that - that would mean you could see the stash room and that is a shambles!  Maybe next time!  The bathroom houses most of the sewing machines and that won't be fit for viewing for a long while!  I have fabric all over the floor!

This is my corner window.  The sun, at this time of the year is amazing!  That tree is an oak - I have leaves to print with!

I do hope you like the world I live in!



Erica Spinks said...

What a great space Sally. I wish you lots of happy creative time.

Lindi said...

Oh, it's fabulous, Sally! Perfect for being totally creative. :)

Chris said...

Oh how fabulous!! I've always claimed space aids creativity (or acquisition??!!)Cx

Leanne said...

I can see that fabulous print at the top of the stairs....from you know who!
L xxx

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful creative space for such a creative lady - and that view is pretty good as well. Cheers

Maggi said...

A great space to create in. We have a River Derwent running through our town but not quite as impressive as yours.

ozjane said...

One deadly envious friend here
It looks fabulous.

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